As a parent, one of the events you anticipate from your child (besides their first word) is the eruption of their first tooth. Although the eruption of your child’s first tooth is a joyous occasion this is also the time you should start thinking about booking your child’s first dentist appointment at your local Pickering dentist. It is suggested by experts in the dental field that your child’s first visit to the your local dentist should happen approximately six months after the eruption of their first tooth.

Taking your child to the local dentist at a young age is the best way to prevent problems such as tooth decay as tooth decay can start as soon as the first tooth is erupted. In addition at this time your child is a bit too young to start flossing and brushing, so your local dentist will give you advice and teach you how to clean your child’s teeth and identify your child’s oral health needs. Finally by visiting your local dentist with your child at an early age, you can instill good oral care habits and reduce the stigma of regular dental visits from your child; therefore the only visits your child ever needs are their regular cleanings.

To prepare your child for their first visit at your local dental office, always call and discuss the procedures of the first appointment so there will be no surprises. Discuss a plan with your dentist if something doesn’t go as plan, for example if the child is fussy and not cooperative. The next step is to then talk to your child about what they will expect on their first visit, and build excitement.

Your child’s first visit to their local dentist will be nothing more than introductory icebreakers so your child can get comfortable with the dentist. It may take some time for your child to trust your dentist, so quick successive visits might be necessary. Furthermore a lot of dental offices provide a play area with toys and books so your child can stay occupied and have the notion that the dental office is a fun place to be.

If your child is compliant in the first session, then your dentist might perform one of the following procedures:

  • A gentle and thorough examination of the mouth to identify any current or potential problems.
  • If necessary, a gentle cleaning, polishing of teeth to remove any stains, tar or plaque from your child’s teeth.
  • X-ray examination
  • Tutorial for the parents on how to properly clean their child’s teeth and gums at home.

Many Pickering dental offices do treat children. Ask for a recommendation from a friend or look up a local Pickering dentist through an Internet search. An Internet search will give you reviews and testimonials from different dentists in the Pickering area providing you with peace of mind and that your child is being handled by a reputable person.

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