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Missing Teeth? We can Restore your Smile with Implant Dentistry!

Brock North Dental has the Pickering, CA residents smile covered with our implant dentistry service. Our reliable solutions are delivered exclusively with the best tools, specialists, and methods to guarantee our client’s satisfaction. Our implant dentistry services offer particular care for your specific needs. Schedule your appointment or call us to learn more!

How does it work?

Brock North Dental will teach you about our dental implant procedure so that you can have a deeper understanding of this wonderful solution!

Dental implants are pieces of titanium implants that look natural just like regular teeth and function the same way so that they cover not only the gap in your smile but also the functions your missing tooth once performed.

This titanium implant is bonded to the jaw like the root of the rest of your natural teeth, ensuring it’ll be just as strong. After it is bonded, a porcelain crown is placed on top of the implant to replace your lost tooth. The whole surgical procedure is simple and short under local anesthetic.

Implant dentistry is a service available for anyone with general good health. Ready to try it out? Schedule an appointment with Brock North Dental!

Why is it Important to Replace your Missing Tooth?

Teeth are extremely important, and a gap on your smile is more than just an aesthetic problem. Every tooth is meant to perform its own unique function. The imbalance caused by a missing tooth will affect your mouth’s structure and the health of existing teeth.

A missing tooth causes your other teeth to start shifting in order to cover the missing spot, not only causing alterations in your mouth’s shape and structure of your face but also annoying jaw pain and increases the risk for gum disease. Trouble speaking properly and difficulty on eating certain foods are other issues that a missing tooth provokes and they disturb your well-being and confidence.

Brock North Dental can prevent and eliminate forever the problems that affect your dental health by a missing tooth. Our Implant dentistry service is executed by our licensed and certified doctors counting with 10-year expert knowledge, assuring it is performed by professionals every time.

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