Do you have a habit of smiling while keeping your mouth shut? If so, you’ve undoubtedly thought about braces. There should be no shame or discomfort in smiling. Misaligned teeth aren’t only a cosmetic concern; they can also have a negative impact on the health of your jaw and teeth.

In addition to enhancing your smile’s beauty, braces can correct bite problems and straighten your teeth. To top it all off, the benefits of dental braces can last a lifetime. Are you curious how this happens? Brock North Dental will answer how braces fix your teeth below.

Understanding How Your Jaw Works

By working with the jaw’s anatomy, braces progressively straighten teeth over time. In your jawbone, you have a periodontal ligament that holds your teeth firmly in place, and it’s made of collagen. Collagen is the same protein that joins your bones and acts as a shock absorber for your jaw and all of your other bones. Periodontal ligaments enable your teeth to move a little bit when you’re chewing, but they also keep them in place. Cementum, a connective material made by your body, connects these ligaments to the root surfaces of your teeth. 

How Braces Work

Braces place steady pressure on your teeth for long periods of time to shift them. As the pressure increases, the shape of your jaw changes to accommodate this change. A common misconception is that our teeth are firmly attached to our jawbones. However, your teeth are anchored to your jaw by a membrane surrounding your bones beneath your gums. When you wear braces, their pressure on your teeth causes this membrane to move your teeth into the proper position.

If Braces Move Your Teeth, Why Are Retainers Used?

Braces no longer hold your teeth once removed—it’s actually the bone under your gums that hold them in place. Most braces take ages because your orthodontist is directing the teeth to move at the speed of bone resorption. As soon as you remove your braces, bone begins to form around the teeth to keep them in place. It may take 3-6 months for your bone to heal completely, and during this time, your teeth are still movable and susceptible to shifting. As a result, patients are given detachable or fixed retainers to wear at all times until the bone has healed properly.

Change Your Smile

In addition to improving your looks, having straight teeth and a well-aligned jaw may enhance your general health. If you’re in Pickering, make sure you contact Brock North Dental for an excellent orthodontic experience, whether you’re looking for braces or Invisalign. 

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