The big craze right now is teeth whitening. Many people want to have whiter teeth but don’t know where to start or believe it’s expensive so they don’t bother. Yes, there are options for whiter teeth that are expensive, but there are also cheaper alternatives and some don’t even cost anything.

Here are 3 ways to getting a whiter smile without the costs.

1.Stop smoking to Prevent Teeth Staining.

Not only are you doing your teeth a disservice but you are slowly killing your heart and lungs. Smoking leaves a lot of tar buildup on your teeth and enamel. It is hard to quit smoking cold turkey, but even limiting your smoking to from ten cigarettes a day to three cigarettes a day will reduce tar deposit by up the two thirds leaving you with a brighter smile.

2.Reduce your coffee intake to Prevent Teeth Staining.

Many working professionals need to have their daily morning coffee before they go to work and most people don’t see coffee as hazardous to your health compared to smoking; however coffee can be as bad as smoking to your health and especially to your teeth. Coffee contains a ton of natural, dark pigments and if you leave them sitting in your mouth, those pigments will lead to darker unattractive looking teeth. If you can’t kickback on the coffee habit the suggested alternatives for a whiter smile is to either drink water right after your coffee to flush out the dark pigments or to perform a thorough brushing.

3.Whitening strips.

Whitening strips are widely available at your local pharmacy or any grocery store that has a health care section and range between $20-$50. Whitening strips work, but the main issue is it will feel like it takes forever to get any of the results you desire. It can also get messy as store bought whitening strips are not custom fit for your mouth so they could fall out or be hard to keep in place.

The above are three alternative options to having a brighter, whiter smile without the costs; however it could take awhile to see actual results and many give up within the first couple of weeks. Therefore if you are willing to make a big cash investment you can look at more expensive options such as laser whitening and custom bleaching trays. Again, they will be costly but they will get you the results you want faster. It is possible that you could get whiter teeth after just one session using the more expensive options, so visit your local Pickering dentist for a consultation for the right strategy to provide you with a brighter, whiter smile.

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