Just because your teeth aren’t causing you problems at the moment, and you are taking your oral health very seriously (e.g. brushing, flossing) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit your local dentist regularly. Experts in the oral field suggest that you visit your local Pickering dentist at least every 6 months and every 3 months if you have oral health problems (e.g. gingivitis, periodontal disease).

Here are 3 reasons why you should visit your local dentist regularly.

1. Catch Problems About Your Mouth That You Don’t Know About

When you visit your local dentist they will be able to exam your mouth and diagnose some problems you might not have known existed. Cavities for example break up the structure of your teeth; however you will rarely feel any pain or discomfort early on and this also holds true for gingivitis and damaged fillings. The issue with cavities is that if you wait too long to get them treated, then more costly intensive procedures will be necessary in order to treat cavities, such as root canalsgum surgery or tooth extraction.

2. Maintain Your White and Healthy Smile

Effective oral health is a combination of proper brushing and flossing routines complimented by regular visits to your local dentist. Regular dental cleanings at your local dentist will help remove plaque, stains and debris that brushing and flossing alone might not be able to get rid of.

3. Prevent Oral Cancer

Just like any other type of cancers, when you start having symptoms or feeling pain, the cancer is at an advance stage and may no longer be treated. When you go to your local dentist, your dentist will do a regular screen to detect any signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer is highly treatable if caught early, so you would be doing yourself a great disservice for not visiting your local dentist regularly.

A lot of people don’t like visiting the dentist for a number of reasons (e.g. some don’t want to hear bad news, some fear the pain), but you are putting yourself at a greater risk of gum disease and oral cancer if you don’t go regularly. Going to the dentist can be very enjoyable as many dental offices have a television you can watch, music you can listen to and of course friendly staff that will try to make you as relaxed as possible. So go book an appointment at your local dentist, your mouth will thank you later.

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